My Church Camp Girlfriend

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When they said that He works in mysterious ways, I didn't think they meant like this.
My Church Camp Girlfriend - Young Don The Sauce God
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  1. Young Don The Sauce God
    Young Don The Sauce God
    10 maanden geleden

    Aye guys, thank you for all the love, 350k views in 24 hours? sheeessshh. Working on a new vid to drop in less than a week. In the meantime, go peep that podcast (now on Spotify as well)

    1. Jermain Chambers
      Jermain Chambers
      9 dagen geleden

      so tru big up mi Jamaican 😁🎉🎉

    2. Xd Murphy
      Xd Murphy
      19 dagen geleden

      You were so right about fortnite

    3. Maximiliano waters
      Maximiliano waters
      20 dagen geleden

      The Thumnail Got Me Here Dear God I Like The Thumnail

    4. Dragonmjm3
      22 dagen geleden

      how do u know some people like to hear you talk

    5. Bliss r6
      Bliss r6
      Maand geleden

      LMFASOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 6:40 i gave my life back to jesus

  2. mikas boom
    mikas boom
    7 uur geleden


  3. Katlego Taba
    Katlego Taba
    20 uur geleden

    What is the name of that song at 10:16?

  4. Mr. Bernard
    Mr. Bernard
    Dag geleden


  5. chiv crieght
    chiv crieght
    Dag geleden

    your funny im jamcaian

    Dag geleden

    hey youtube he said the n word

  7. Void Retro
    Void Retro
    Dag geleden

    Ooh fuck I actually do listen to this wile playing fornite

  8. ju tef
    ju tef
    Dag geleden

    Jesus be like i got u hocked

  9. Samuel Thomas Philippo
    Samuel Thomas Philippo
    Dag geleden

    What the fuuuuck.

  10. Basic Noob
    Basic Noob
    Dag geleden

    I got over the depression at 12.b Edit: and I'm 12

  11. JuicyGoat
    2 dagen geleden

    3:00 ew

  12. Joexonyou
    2 dagen geleden


  13. fuse exitz
    fuse exitz
    2 dagen geleden

    Bruh we not gone talk about how dat nigga eat a fly cuhh

  14. Extra
    2 dagen geleden

    Hahhaha crying hahaha

  15. Elias Gray
    Elias Gray
    2 dagen geleden

    You kinda remind me of Zen mode

    2 dagen geleden

    your video are so funny

  17. Olivier Najac
    Olivier Najac
    3 dagen geleden

    0:53 me asf lol

    3 dagen geleden

    "i see shorty and she was talking with one of her girlfriends"

    1. Kayden Taylor
      Kayden Taylor
      2 dagen geleden

      That mean her friends

  19. totally accurate orochimaru
    totally accurate orochimaru
    3 dagen geleden

    Has an hard core atheist this shit got me rolling 💀 🤣

  20. TEEJAYX6
    3 dagen geleden

    Same bro

  21. TEEJAYX6
    3 dagen geleden

    0:54 no gta san

  22. Max Teece
    Max Teece
    4 dagen geleden

    Jesus I was watching this channel when it was at 200k I’m happy for you Don

  23. Nugget
    4 dagen geleden

    Cult podcast

  24. Warner
    4 dagen geleden

    Podcast more like Pogcast

  25. Gathoni
    4 dagen geleden

    ignore the profile picture dudes

  26. Gathoni
    4 dagen geleden

    no p bro

  27. Amir Banks
    Amir Banks
    5 dagen geleden

    10:20 Yo, keep up the fire music jawns up my g. You should start doing shows

  28. blitzboy0916
    5 dagen geleden

    God just said low-key I got you

  29. lil fiend
    lil fiend
    5 dagen geleden

    Why does his gf look like his mom in this animation.....

  30. Ezequiel Corrales-Linares
    Ezequiel Corrales-Linares
    5 dagen geleden

    florida yessssir ORLANDO FL WYA?

  31. Fluid Exe
    Fluid Exe
    5 dagen geleden

    the thumbnail still gets me

  32. Licia
    5 dagen geleden


  33. Galaxy Cub
    Galaxy Cub
    5 dagen geleden

    I actually do listen to you in the back ground. I'll listen to you then listening over music

  34. N.O Scooobey
    N.O Scooobey
    6 dagen geleden

    It’s pimpin when u got a girl w a onlyfans Not simpin Bc she’s most likely breaking u off and gone fwy 1000 x more bc u seem secure and strong And w your ex instead of crying should’ve dm all her friends They all want u especially the one who act like she hate u They see how u treated her But that’s not the mission The mission is to get them to talk to your ex about u U gone get her to text u angry or being sarcastic All u gotta say to get her back in is lmao I didn’t think u cared But on the cool I been thinking bout u frfr

  35. Kasper Valdemar Tvede
    Kasper Valdemar Tvede
    6 dagen geleden

    3:01 yummy

  36. time tell no lies
    time tell no lies
    6 dagen geleden

    smooth voice

  37. Ott Ulman
    Ott Ulman
    6 dagen geleden

    True i just play fortnite wen i watch you😝

  38. Unknowngorgon54
    6 dagen geleden

    Bro that moral hit different, makes me think about things in my own life and how I can change myself for the better.

  39. RubberChickensFoot
    6 dagen geleden

    Thanks man i needed this

  40. Jexxy Is cool
    Jexxy Is cool
    6 dagen geleden

    Heart broken 😞

  41. blessed4life23
    6 dagen geleden

    Andy Mineo... instant like 😉

  42. Suman Singh Singh
    Suman Singh Singh
    7 dagen geleden

    Why does your friend look like cj from gta san andreas 1:14

  43. Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack
    7 dagen geleden

    tfw god don't exist

  44. Shazam Xlogan
    Shazam Xlogan
    7 dagen geleden

    Song? 9:55

  45. ragad wert
    ragad wert
    7 dagen geleden

    Why is every single humen loves girls wtf are we all simps??

  46. Abram Galvez
    Abram Galvez
    7 dagen geleden


  47. King doofus
    King doofus
    7 dagen geleden

    Its funny waht god can do you for a you...

  48. Fenix Drago
    Fenix Drago
    7 dagen geleden

    what a simp

  49. unknown A
    unknown A
    7 dagen geleden

    This shit mad

  50. abdallah Barry
    abdallah Barry
    7 dagen geleden

    You need to be a Muslim

    1. Johnny Joestar
      Johnny Joestar
      6 dagen geleden

      any askers about you to force other peoplr to join your religion?

  51. Revo Tempo
    Revo Tempo
    8 dagen geleden

    Me: that was a gud video Mom:The man just said God and f*cks in the same sentence I can't watch anymore of this

    8 dagen geleden

    that thumbnail got feeling some type of way dawg

  53. xXkawaii_demonXx
    8 dagen geleden

    dating a girl is a simping in our religion lol and our religion is islam

  54. Magnitudo77
    8 dagen geleden

    Nice thumbnail

  55. Makayla Miller
    Makayla Miller
    8 dagen geleden

    Bro Lecrae and Andy Mineo are amazing especially the song You can't stop me

  56. The Stalker
    The Stalker
    8 dagen geleden

    0:53 LOL YOU GOT ME

  57. evergreen trip
    evergreen trip
    9 dagen geleden

    "This nigga need jesus" this had me dyin oms 😂💀

  58. KING DOM
    9 dagen geleden

    10:21 me when I roast the shit outa that one dousche at school and pull numbers of some fine shorties after

  59. sandman1090 2.0
    sandman1090 2.0
    9 dagen geleden

    AYE MAN i got pulled by the cutest girl in school

  60. Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi
    9 dagen geleden

    Same here it was middle of summer at 1:23 in the morning she was still awake wtf and we talked for 2hours then said she didn’t like me anymore. So what any reasonable man would do... I blocked her number and never talked or went near her again.

  61. Zack
    9 dagen geleden

    "This ngg needs jesus" LMAOOOO 💀💀💀💀

  62. •avocado cookie•
    •avocado cookie•
    10 dagen geleden

    “Maybe you watch my videos because you can relate.. maybe you watch them because you think they are funny.. or you may just play them as a background noise while you play FoRtNiTe.” Me: **relates to all examples**

  63. Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon
    10 dagen geleden

    Don is like a cooler will smith

  64. Ky'Andre Nevers
    Ky'Andre Nevers
    10 dagen geleden

    don :* I gave my lif back to jesus* also don: proseeds to curse

  65. Herobrine Jr
    Herobrine Jr
    10 dagen geleden

    how u know what i was doing bruh-

  66. The gaming reaper
    The gaming reaper
    11 dagen geleden

    One thing I noticed is that Don is kind of a cry baby, although is a dope, and funny crybaby.

  67. Ty F
    Ty F
    11 dagen geleden

    Yo them eggs are burning

  68. Adriana Ferriell
    Adriana Ferriell
    11 dagen geleden

    if you think about it that girl was like an angel sent from God

  69. demon kid
    demon kid
    11 dagen geleden

    WOW u pulled someone in 5 days

  70. Arkid1x
    11 dagen geleden

    i am running this in the backround while fortnite

    12 dagen geleden

    Don:maybe you just run this s**t as white noise in the background as you play fortnite. Me: *literally playing this in the background as I play fortnite*

  72. Avrge Rblxin
    Avrge Rblxin
    12 dagen geleden

    I know yall clicked for the thumbnail 👀👀

  73. Fluzei
    12 dagen geleden

    0:52 caught me lackin

  74. lxce
    12 dagen geleden

    That’s crazy cause I’m playing the game as I listen

  75. sevx1n channel
    sevx1n channel
    12 dagen geleden

    what is a jamaican phone "digicel" lol

  76. twisterWaN
    13 dagen geleden

    Rick n morty lol

  77. Mohamed Turay
    Mohamed Turay
    13 dagen geleden

    Ur 17 n tall😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  78. Allyssa Stebbins
    Allyssa Stebbins
    13 dagen geleden

    "You're 17, and tall. Stop cryin" That that fuckin HIT ME BRO.

  79. Sunnies got a jar of dirt
    Sunnies got a jar of dirt
    13 dagen geleden

    12:43 so nobody gonna talk about that beautiful bisexual flag in the backround- 🤩

  80. Tactical G.C
    Tactical G.C
    14 dagen geleden

    LETSS GOOO dis man listen to lecrae🔥🔥👌🏾😏

    14 dagen geleden

    Dawg i am not about to lie. I LOVE YOUR FUCKIN VIDEOS (no homo) but fr bro thank you so much

  82. Stink
    14 dagen geleden

    Have you pooped? .... shreck

  83. dori mata
    dori mata
    14 dagen geleden

    I have no words... in the good way

  84. Kaito Flamely
    Kaito Flamely
    14 dagen geleden

    Oh dang! I didn’t know you were Jamaican! My entire family is too!!!

  85. Leago Kgosi
    Leago Kgosi
    14 dagen geleden

    "She hopped on my bus"

  86. Mr Fox 206
    Mr Fox 206
    15 dagen geleden

    Like white noises I listen and play and watch I be leaving my game afk on accident I’m playing rn😂

  87. Popo Man12
    Popo Man12
    15 dagen geleden

    This is why his name is "The Sauce God"

  88. Sensei Gaara
    Sensei Gaara
    15 dagen geleden

    You couldn’t tell me shit nigga lol

  89. Turkey boi 709
    Turkey boi 709
    15 dagen geleden

    That moral of the story diagnosed me with waterfall eyes

  90. Naomi Kenney
    Naomi Kenney
    15 dagen geleden

    Lecrae and Andy r basically my whole childhood bruh. And church camp is always jesus litty.

  91. Colby Keck
    Colby Keck
    15 dagen geleden

    Know way she didn’t see this video

  92. Silent Gaming
    Silent Gaming
    15 dagen geleden


  93. Brooke Hubbard
    Brooke Hubbard
    15 dagen geleden

    “Listening to this while playin fortnite” Me: playing Minecraft 😏

  94. Aphenus
    16 dagen geleden

    Young don, the sauce gone

  95. Enchanted Diamond
    Enchanted Diamond
    16 dagen geleden

    He is funny as f*ck.

  96. Wisterias
    16 dagen geleden

    U want hot peps Go to church camp!

  97. Black Dxamond
    Black Dxamond
    16 dagen geleden

    Went to church camp n' hated it. Lmfao. But great vids n' music. Keep it up yo

  98. Yo0da B3ar
    Yo0da B3ar
    16 dagen geleden

    I needed dah moral of da story💯✅

  99. Tyler Vega
    Tyler Vega
    17 dagen geleden

    the moral of the story was really inspirational

  100. Kubix
    17 dagen geleden

    0:51 gta 5*?... nahhhhhh